Our Story

Partnership Opportunities For Women Empowerment Realization


We are a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental organization founded in 2007.  Registered as a company limited by guarantee; its goal from inception is to comprehensively empower women across Nigeria and ultimately Africa by advancing their economic status, building their capacity through vocational skills and putting money in their hands.

Operationally, POWER works for the actualization of this vision through creation of opportunities for partnership and networking among all classes of women entrepreneurs with special emphasis on local sources of livelihood and enhancement of access to knowledge, skills and resources for them to realize their full potential.

Partner with us

Together we build a better world for women.


A world where all women are able to meet their basic needs.


  • 09082000028, 09082000023
  • info@women-power.org
  • No: 22 IBM Haruna St, Utako, Abuja.
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